Free Garden Waste, Tree Branches and Old Furniture Collection Service.

  1. Commencing 1 January 1997, Ipoh City Council provides free garden waste, tree branches and old furniture collection service in all Ipoh city area.
  2. Services are provided at the following areas:
    • Schools.
    • Traditional Villages, New Villages and Planned Villages.
  3. This free service is provided once a month for each area and the collection date is as in the prepared schedule. If the collection date falls on a Sunday, the collection will be made on the next day. This service will be provided continuously every month.
  4. To ease the collection made by the Ipoh City Council trucks, the public is requested to cooperate and comply with the followings:
    • To put the cut grass and branches in the plastic bags.
    • The tree branches must be cut in small pieces and be tied up securely.
    • Old furniture such as old refrigerator and old / broken television must be put in front / beside the house fence .
    • Tree stumps and big trees will not be collected.
  5. Please contact  :
    Town Services Division,
    Jalan Sg. Pari, 30100 Buntong,(Tel : 05-2540096)
    for more information relating to the collection date for specific areas.


Garden and Old Furniture Collection Schedule